Proctor: Universal Bookkeeper Field Trip

Proctor: Universal Bookkeeper Field Trip

Universal Bookkeeper

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Proctor accounting students were given the opportunity to speak with Beth and Justin Miller and their staff at Universal Bookkeeper in New Hartford. Universal Bookkeeper is a small business that focuses on a holistic approach while providing great accounting services to other small businesses in several states.


The students and staff did introductions followed by a Q&A session where the members of Universal Bookkeeper would respond to questions very indepthly. The students learned about the education, internships, and personality they may need to land a job within the industry. They also spoke about what their business does and how it operates. After the Q&A session there was a brief tour of the office.


The students had a great time and said they learned a great deal about not only accounting, but also what it would take to land a job, or potentially start their own small business. This was a very informative field trip and we hope to go back!

“Excellent field trip.  The students and teachers learned all of the “ins and outs” of the accounting profession, both public and private.  From within their firm but also their experiences at other businesses.  Many of the ideas were of the same nature that we teach.  Some of those ideas included; networking, being prepared and qualified, having a personality and encouraging great personal growth.  I’d recommend this opportunity to occur again and with more students.” - Mr. Lanz, CTE Department